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RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK100 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, Bluetooth5.1/2.4G/Wired 96% Full Size 100-Key Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard with PBT Keycaps, Blue Switch for Mac Windows, Classic?

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14th Sep 2021

My choice would be the RK100. you get hotswap, bluetooth, 2.5ghz wireless, 2 passthrough usb ports and decent keycaps for below $90. the only issues are the few non-standard size modifiers at the bottom row and the 95% layout.

The epomaker gk96s is another good choice with hotswap and bluetooth, keeping the same 95% layout as the RK100

To avoid those issues, i would recommend the GMMK full size

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16th Feb 2022

they are all prebuilts with hotswap and triple mode (2,4ghz/bluetooth/wired) Plastic bodies and pretty affordable. Then there are wired ones that have the fancy terms going on like gasket mounting, lot of foam.






All are USD prices but my understanding they ship from China and very few people have actually been taxed for these boards. Amazon one is exception. You might some in Canadian Amazon.

The key difference is really programmability. Some of them have limited remap ability (change key to different function) as they aren’t via/qmk compatible. I quite like the Akko Asa profile (its similar to Kat and just under MT3 height).