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Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth Headphones Light Up, Foldable Stero Wireless Headset with Microphone and Volume Control for PC/Cell Phones/TV/iPad (Purple)?

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23rd Feb 2021

I have a pair of flashy light headphones from Big Lots that stopped playing music, so I snapped the headband in half and duck-taped it into more of a stick shape.

Now if so ever go off the road for whatever reason, I can signal help. I should point out that where I live and how our roads are, that is incredibly unlikely to happen.

Kind of like these, but not puffy.

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1st Dec 2018

Having both a cat and a toddler, I got my toddler a set of bluetooth headphones on Amazon for under 30 a few years back. Still works great. They are kid sized, but i even use them occasionally!


I know you already got your problem solved, but incase your cat gets hungry in the future!