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Rhino Coffee Gear Rhino Square Knock Chute, Black 140mm x 150mm x 110mm?

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10th Mar 2021

Pretty sure this is the one we use.

Rhino Coffee Gear Rhino Square Knock Chute, Black, $60.00

Not going to find anything cheaper for the quality. Don’t bother buying one made out of plastic. They’ll break 6 months in. The base needs to be made out of stainless steel. They all include a rubber bit for knocking against and a rubber gasket, though the big downside is no one offers a replacement rubber bit you’re knocking against except rattleware (who does not offer an open bottom version) though theirs might be interchangable. Overall making 200 drinks a day you will get a 12 – 18 months out of it and have to replace it or replace the rubber knocking bit if you want to chance trying a rattleware replacement (looks like it would work fine, and is only $18.00).

I’ve hit this thing with full force in frustration and it takes it like a champ.