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RevoBeard Beard Trimmer Kit – The Original Shaving Grooming Stencil – Save Money Haircuts – Barber Supplies – Styling Shaper – Neckline Template – Edge Up Guide Tool – Curve/Step Cut – Perfect Goatee?

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19th Feb 2017

Thanks man! I definitely use oil everyday in the morning after I shower, it makes a huge difference. Honest Amish is probably my favorite brand right now.
As for my trimming routine. I use this. I outlline my cheek line with sharpie using it, and use a straight edge razor along the sharpie line. A precision trimmer on the back of a razor works too. It’s a bit unconventional, but it works amazingly well and I get a perfectly symmetrical beard every time. The neck line I had my barber do for me early on, and I just follow his outline with a trimmer. If I were to do it myself now I’d just pick my Adams apple as a starting point though.