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Rep Fitness Flat Bench – FB-3000 – 1,000 lb Rated Bench for Weightlifting?

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31st Aug 2016

Spend 50 bucks more and get this one. It has good reviews and I’ve seen other people here recommend it. Mine just arrived but I’m still waiting on my rack so I haven’t been able to do much more than put it together and say “Yup, that’s a bench.”


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5th Jan 2016

This post is almost exactly what I’m doing. I got the Titan rack and the Fitness Gear weights. Ship to Store is free, so that will save you money on that.

I got this bench instead. It’s a simple flat bench, and costs similar to the Fitness Gear. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NLPZGU0?psc=1

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28th Dec 2015

I am not sure of your budget? But i just started getting my garage gym together and after countless weeks of looking around at things i came across http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NLPZGU0?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 this bench and after getting it and using it a few times i must say it is a well worth buy for the money.

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12th Jul 2018

I like how you do it, but personally I like to break it down into necessary, nice to have, and cost no object. This is US based, since I have no idea on European prices/sites

Side note: Weight is very user dependent, so that cost can vary wildly. As a baseline, get however many 45s as you work with now, and add more as you get stronger. I like to think at a bare minimum a new lifter would need a pair of 45, 25, 10, 5, and 2.5lb iron plates. Following that, increasing those totals to 2 pairs for 5-25lbs (mostly for convenience/multiple bars), and as many pairs of 45lb plates as necessary based on how strong you get. Likewise for bumpers if you do enough oly or floor work to want them, I would say you need a pair of 45, 25, and 10lbs plates as a base, and then add 45s as necessary – probably no more than 3-4 pairs since that’s all that generally fits on a bar unless you’re getting the slim competition style. Shoot for .50/lb for iron, $1/lb for bumpers for used plates and shop around.

Now to the meat of things:

Bare Minimum Must Haves

  • Squat or Space Saver rack – you can get away with a pretty low price buying a T-3 or X-3 space saver and mounting it to the wall, around $200, or in the $300 range for a squat rack, subtract 15% on a good sale. You’ll definitely want some spotter arms going this direction as well, so add $75 to your baseline price. Double these numbers if you’re buying Rogue.
  • Flat bench – you can’t do better than the Rep Fitness for $129 shipped from Amazon.
  • Barbell – Fringesport Wonder Bar is probably the best barbell for the money to start with – option for bushing or bearing depending on your use, solid construction, and well reviewed. On sale you can get it shipped to your door for $160 for bushing and $180 for bearing. There are better bars for sure, but you’ll be paying 50% more for them, and I feel like it’s diminishing returns.
  • Flooring – 2 horse stall mats, call it $100 after tax.

All in basic cost – Space saver rack w/ arms, bushing bar, flat bench, and flooring – $625 plus the cost of weight.

** Nice to have**

  • Power Rack – you just have more options. Titan T-3 short 36″ deep is the sweet spot here IMO, since at 7′ tall only Shaq is going to have a problem with it, and the longer base means you probably won’t have to mount it to the floor. $340 on sale, but consider another $100 or so for some options (dip bars, pullup multi, etc.)
  • Barbell – Rogue Bar 2.0 or Ohio Bar depending on your preference. I’ll average the cost at $270, call it $300 shipped
  • Bench – Spend the money on a good adjustable. Rep AB-3000 is the obvious choice, $360
  • Dumbbells – Power Blocks or Iron Masters – buy a 50lb set for $300 and expand if needed, generally $600 all in for 90lb.
  • Flooring – same as above.

All In Nice-To-Have Cost – $1400 plus the cost of weight, 1700 if you need the heavier dumbbells.

Cost No Object – I don’t know, go nuts. It’s cost no object for a reason.

I’m going a slightly different direction, but leaning toward something in between basic and nice-to-have.

  • 6 post Titan Rack with weight storage, buy when there is a 15% off sale. T-2 plus extension is $410, or T-6 short 36/10 is $510 if I feel like spending the extra money. Extra $100 for the accessories I want (dip bars, pullup multigrip) for each.
  • Rep AB-3100 is ~$250 shipped whenever it’s actually in stock.
  • FringeSport Wonder bar w/ bushings for $160
  • There is a local place that sells VTX bumpers for $1/lb, so worth taking the drive. 4×45, 2×25, 2×10. I have access to a free 45/25/10/5/2.5 set of standard barbell plates, so try and get one more set of 45s on CL.
  • Get powerblocks off craigslist/facebook as cheap as I can, hopefully under $450 for the 90lb set.
  • Stall mats – only 2 really needed since I can work inside the rack for the most part, but might expand to 4 eventually.

My all-in cost should be somewhere in the $16-1700 range, but for how much I want to get and how much I can do with that, I don’t think it’s too crazy.

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31st Jan 2017

I have the rep fitness flat bench and really like it. I got it for about $100 during black friday, but it’s $129 on Amazon. And it qualifies for prime shipping if you have it.


Rep has it on their site for $100, but you’ll have to pay shipping. https://www.repfitness.com/rep-flat-bench

I’m not sure which would come out cheaper, but that $100 amazon giftcard would only work for amazon obviously. I can’t imagine that the difference would be much once you add shipping to ordering it from their site.

It’d be nice if the rep fitness bench had wheels like the titan bench does, but mainly for my fiancee. Having to pick it up to move it is not an issue. And I prefer the 12″ wide pad to the 10″ wide pad of the titan bench.

I think the titan bench would be fine as long as you’re good with the 10″ width. If you care about such things, the dimensions for an IPF approved bench are 48L x 12W x 17H. The rep is 47L x 12W x 17.5H. The titan is 47.25L x 10W x 16.25H.

So they’re pretty close in dimensions. The padding on the rep bench is pretty good. I can’t speak for the titan bench.

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19th Jul 2018

Yeah, I was thinking of the Rep Fitness one, but it looks like it’s actually $50 more on Amazon, but I might get it anyway. Or maybe not. Even if I gain 50lbs and bench 400lbs, the Adidas bench will be all I need, so I’m not sure if there’s a point to the extra weight capacity.

I couldn’t find the $217 rack you’re talking about. It looks like it’s $300: https://www.amazon.com/Fitness-Reality-810XLT-800lbs-Capacity/dp/B01N4I8FOY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1532035632&sr=8-1&keywords=fitness+reality+810xlt

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12th Jul 2019

Yeah, I get the wife situation. And not that I want to help you sway her per se, but have you done any sort of a cost recovery analysis? I.e., this is what the monthly bill for the gym is, if we spend X, we’d break even in a year, or 6 months, etc.

And would she be completely cool with you continuing to go to the crossfit gym? Or is that something that you really do need to cut no matter what? My point being that if a crossfit gym is costing you $100/mo… that’s $1,200 a year. A one year break even point for $1,200 buys a solid set up where you’re coming out ahead in 12 months. And you can probably sell what you have for a bit too. Or, buy pieces at a time. You don’t need to do it at all once.

I don’t know, just thinking about how I’ve framed things for my wife that sort of made things click a little bit differently. E.g., $90 on a bar now + $210 later = $300. Vs just $210 now.

Or maybe if it’s about the upfront drop of cash and available cash flow, you could hold off and save for it. Keep hitting that marcy bench in the meantime.

If you’re willing to go with Titan accessories, why not get their T2? Or get the T3 v2?

That package from Rep with shipping (to me in NC) was $767 total. What total did you get when you added shipping? Is your wife good with that cost? If you share it, some people here may be able to offer some “builds” for around the same cost.


Same rep bench: $129 shipped https://www.amazon.com/Rep-Fitness-Flat-Bench-FB-3000/dp/B00NLPZGU0

Titan T3 short: $352 shipped https://www.titan.fitness/cages-and-racks/t-3-series/t-3-racks/uphdshpwrv2-24hdpwr.html

Cap barbell from amazon (no, it’s not rogue, but they’re solid entry point bars that will last): $140-160
OR Rep Sabre bar is $190 shipped from Amazon (but you should compare to shipping from their site).

Total: About $641 delivered (better rack imo that is more future proof, a better bar, and the exact same bench)… no plates though. But I’d be really surprised if you can’t find plates used around Dallas if you’re patient.

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30th Dec 2015

Any thoughts on this one?

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31st Oct 2016

I use this one. Pretty affordable and pretty stable.

Rep 1000 lb Rated Flat Weight Bench for Weight Lifting https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NLPZGU0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_rg1fybDDZ2DZV

I bought another bench to use for incline and it’s a steaming pile of shit, but it works for now. CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HGCJZEC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_oi1fyb37E17YB