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23rd Jan 2021

I would suggest doing some Googling before you accept a new pet into your home, as having a toad but not even knowing what to feed it is a bit…mean to them. Anyway, here’s how I do things:

American toads are fairly sturdy little guys if taken care of and given some basic care. You’ll want:

  1. At least a 10 gallon tank, preferably 15 or 20 to give him some space to explore and move around in when temperatures change.

  2. A good 3-4 inches of material to dig and burrow in since American toads do like to dig and burrow. Coconut fiber / Eco Earth is preferable, though any mix of baked dirt, sand, and coconut fiber is also nice.

  3. A water dish that is regularly (every other day) changed, cleaned, and filled with spring or dechlorinated water. They sell special chemicals at pet stores that will help turn tap water into safe water for toads, but I’d advise just buying a gallon or two of spring water from Walmart or some other grocery store.

  4. Toads generally prefer a diet of crickets/grasshoppers, wax/meal/earth worms, springtails, and small roaches or pillbugs. As they are hunters that rely heavily on movement, live insects and bugs are always preferable to dead or canned ones. Places such as PetSmart, Petco, or any amphibian or reptile shop will be able to provide you with a source of food. The food should be of a size roughly equivalent to the space between the toad’s eyes, so smaller toads will need small bugs and can slowly work their way up to bigger things as they grow. I prefer to feed my toad a mix of crickets, mealworms, and waxworms, with a heavy bias towards crickets and mealworms. I try to feed him every other or every 3 days, always in a tank or pot/pan or something that is separate from his normal home.

  5. You’ll want some calcium and vitamin D powder. Amphibians that don’t get enough vitamins and supplements for their bones can develop some pretty nasty disorders and growth problems. I like this stuff, though anything you can get from a pet store that has both vitamin D and calcium is fine. Get a tall glass or something, add the bugs, sprinkle some powder on them, and then swirl around until they have a nice coating of dust. Some bugs/insects hold powder better (crickets and waxworms are great, roaches and mealworms not so much).

I feed my toad by gently grabbing or digging him up (I live in a cold climate so he likes to burrow a lot), and moving him into a different container. I used to use a large, stainless steel pot, but have moved on to using his old aquarium as I recently upgraded him. Let him hang out for a minute or two to calm down and figure out what is going on and then try to aim him towards the center of the tank before dumping in all those dusted treats. He’s going to need to see his prey and either chase it or hang out and wait for it to come to him, but he’ll eventually eat some of the bugs. I find this time to be a nice opportunity to build trust and bond with your toad, sort of slowly introducing them to the idea that being handled and carried around could lead to food, but that it’s generally a safe ordeal. The first couple times may lead to them peeing on you or in their new enclosure, so keep a paper towel handy.

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16th Sep 2021

Rep Cal Phosphorfreies Calcium-Nahrungsergänzungsmittel SRP00200 für Reptilien und Amphibien, ultrafeines Pulver mit Vitamin D3 https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00BS96G1E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_E5HM7HNW4EYA77RG8ZZ1

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15th Jul 2017

Thanks for the link

Don’t use that.



okay, I think it might be best if I send you something if you can’t get those where you’re at.

I’ll just charge you at my costs.

Using that will likely OD it on the D3.