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RENPHO Premium Wi-Fi Bluetooth Scale Smart Digital Bathroom Weight BMI Body Fat Scale Tracks 13 Metrics, Wireless Body Composition Analysis & Health Monitor with ITO Coating Technology, Dark Blue?

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21st Jul 2021

I use this Renpho smart scale:

It’s been working great.

It has both Bluetooth, and WiFi features built-in.
I set it up to connect via WiFi, so I don’t need to have my smartphone near by, nor on at all.

The only issue I had was the 1st time I tried to use it, it wouldn’t sync via WiFi.
Turns out, even though I set it up to sync via WiFi, the 1st sync had to be performed via Bluetooth to my smart phone.
After the 1st successful Bluetooth sync, WiFi syncs performed flawlessly.

Links to my FitBit account, and automatically updates weight, and body fat percentage values.
Love it.

Okay, there is another issue I just remembered.
You need to be barefoot to get a body fat percentage ready, and because the surface is made of a glass material, to step off the scale, I need to roll each foot off the scale, or it’ll stick to the bottom of a foot, and lift off the ground a bit.