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14th Jan 2021

There are the ones I have here, worth a shot. I find it calms the lightning down a bit 😆 Air Massagers

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1st Dec 2020

Hello, fellow Fibromyalgia Warrior! This is my first post in this thread, but your query inspired me to respond. I was medically retired this year from the military, partially due in part to my well documented struggle with fibromyalgia. I am now 100% disabled, using various walking aides that I’ve had to procure on my own, no thanks to the VA.

My point is: I understand the crippling struggle of fibro. We have to get inventive. No one quite understands it, except for the ones who have it. The medical world isn’t sure how to treat it, so we have to listen to our bodies and try to help ourselves the best we can, and within our realm of control.

First, medicine: I live in a legalized state, so cannabis in various forms is my #1 go-to, sometimes even before I get out of bed some days. They make rheumatoid arthritis rubs that aren’t medicated (with cannabis), and provide some relief for my symptoms. Additionally, my doctor recently prescribed me a non-habit forming nerve pain medicine called gabapentin. It’s been such a huge help in the short time I’ve been on it! Perhaps you could discuss non-habit forming pain relief options with your Doc? And if you have insurance, (US here) then also discuss ways in which they may be able to assist. I’m still navigating that issue with my insurance, and am hitting wall after wall of problems getting help, so I don’t have many tips regarding that yet. But starting that conversation with your Doc can’t hurt.

Next: heat. A heating pad on the most painful, stiff areas can help. Just get the area warm, and then start moving it when you feel like you can. When my whole body is enraged and I’m struggling, I take a long, hot soak in the tub with plenty of epsom salts. It always provides some degree of relief, and when my nerves are on fire and joints are stiff, it’s a godsend.

For my lower body, I like to use air compression leg massagers, which you can find on Amazon for ~$75 (see link below). I latch them on to my lower appendages and play PS4 until I find relief. If you’re not familiar, they are like the blood pressure cuff the nurse uses on your arm at the doctor’s office, except these are longer and for your legs. You can change the pressure setting to align with your changing needs. Although, I wish I’d gotten the heated kind, but it was significantly more expensive. This is the exact kind I have: https://www.amazon.com/RENPHO-Compression-Circulation-Sequential-Intensities/dp/B07R9Z94CL/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=leg+massager&qid=1606840687&sr=8-5

As soon as I find relief, I try to move my body. My level of movement depends on my level of relief. Sometimes I can go on walks, other times I can barely stand and stretch in my living room. It’s all good, because it’s all movement.

I am a single parent of two kids with no family nearby, so being immobile can’t happen in my world. I have to push through so much pain, so I understand the agony of having an invisible illness. I hope these tips can help you. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Good on you for reaching out. I wish you the best 🙂

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25th Jul 2020

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