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RENPHO Air Purifier for Bedroom Home Up to 480 Ft², H13 True HEPA Air Cleaner Filter, Intercepts 99.97% Dust Smoke Odors Pollen Allergies Eliminators, Quiet 26dB 5-Stage Filtration System, RP-AP088W?

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17th Sep 2020

Picked up 2 on Amazon over the weekend and they’ve made a huge difference. I’ve got asthma, and when they’re turned off I wind up coughing. When they’re on, I’m much better.
They were on sale for $95 last weekend but they’ve gone up to $159 as of today (likely because of increased demand).
Air Purifier

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16th Sep 2020

We ordered one on Sunday (right before we found out about the Pier being on fire), and it arrived yesterday. So far we are loving it. We had it on high for three hours in the living room, then moved it to the bedroom, and today it’s been back in the living room on the middle setting. Sleep setting is quiet and doesn’t interfere with sleeping. I also like that it didn’t break the bank.