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REMMUS 47 Inch Computer Desk for Home/Office/Study Room/Writing/Work Station (Dark Wood)?

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13th Jul 2021

Serious answers

  1. Paint and patchwork. Fixing up the walls and touching up any unpainted surfaces will change the feel of the room drastically. Consider refinishing your shelves too. It’s time consuming, but it’s the cheapest solution and the payout is HUGE.
  2. New desk. This one isn’t so bad, desks are dirt cheap on Amazon. I bought this one on Amazon for $32 shipped and use it for work. Fits two 24″ BenQ monitors and my laptop + docking station without issues. Just be mindful on how tall they are. I’m 5’4″ and a 29″ high desk requires me to have my chair at max height so that my arms are at a proper angle.
  3. New chair. Ditch the gamer vibe, get a nice office chair. Your butt and back will thank you.