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Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit, Vacuum Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men (18 pieces)?

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22nd May 2021

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11th Mar 2021

Learning to cut my own hair is the only way I can not only get a cut exactly the way I want it, but also get perfect hair weekly without the hassle of going to a barber.

I love this Wahl cordless clipper with vaccum.


Also recommend:

  • Thinning shears
  • A hand held mirror
  • Have your vaccum ready for cleanup.
  • Vaccum using the hose through your scalp to get loose hair before going to the shower, as well as vaccum the area before.
  • After showering is the perfect time to use a vinegar-water spray bottle and clean up your bathroom 🙂

Costs about as much as a couple of hair cuts, and lasts many years.

There are infinite tutorials on youtube, just watch a few, then start practicing. Coronavirus pandemic is the perfect time to start.


  1. I usually use the angled ones around the ears.
  2. #4 around the edge of the angled cuts.
  3. #3 to bled between the angled cuts and #4.
  4. #7 until the top edge of where I want the long hair to end on top.
  5. Blend with #5 and #6 in between the #4 and #7 areas.
  6. #2 on the back of the head until top of the ears.
  7. Then I trim my eyebrows while I have the #2 on (perfect guard length).
  8. #1 on the back of my head until the middle of the ears.
  9. Then I trim my sideburns while I have the #1 on.
  10. #0 on the back of my head until the bottom of the ears.
  11. Then I shape the sides so it has a nice line from the ears to the bottom of the neck (your preference).
  12. I usually go over the clean areas with a shaving razor to clean up stubble.

13. I go over the top with the #8 (STAY AWAY FROM THE BANGS).
14: I use a pair of thinning shears to rough up my bangs. Also, I give thick patches of hair a quick snip to rough those up too.

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12th Mar 2019

Just in case anyone suspects that this is an affiliate link (where the OP is making money off the link), here is a link to the product after searching for it on Amazon directly: