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Reloop RHP-20 Knight Professional DJ Headphones Closed Retractable, Black?

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22nd Feb 2017

> Sony MDR-1000X?

yeh i’d heard these mentioned in the same realm of the QC35s and the Sennheiser’s. All of them seem to have their own niggly faults and nobody’s quite got the bluetooth wireless headphone right at the top end of the market. But perhaps that’s more the fault of the Bluetooth protocol than anything else.

With the QC35s i’m told the sound is noticeably higher quality when the cable is used, which would infuriate me.

I’m actually using some Reloop RHP20s which i bought as DJ headphones originally, but now use them as my every day headphones. Easily the best sound quality I’ve found for under £150. they’re just a bit big and bulky (but solid) to use all day every day. 3-4 hours is about the max i can do with them before they get uncomfortable.