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11th Jul 2019

I don’t always hold an ereader when I read. One thing that has come in handy is a lap desk. It comes with a slot, which may be for sticking tablets into. Here’s a lapdesk I found on Amazon with the same design. I stick my Likebook Mars into it and read hands free except for turning the page. The Likebook Mars has warm lighting, which is what you’re looking for.

The only Kindle with warm lighting is the Oasis 3, which is not out just yet. The Oasis is designed to be held with one hand. It has a lopsided design that puts most of the weight on one side.

Assuming European prices are equivalent to American prices, either one of these puts you a bit over budget. Cheaper options include Nooks and Kobos. These have had warm lighting for a while now, though Kindles are otherwise nicer.