Regency New York Men’s Smoking Jacket (Large, Burgundy)?

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4th Apr 2020

Threadless makes great t-shirt, but I would recommend wearing tank tops only. They sell all of their t-shirts as tri-blend (dri-fit) tanks for $15. Beyond that, if you want to wear something with short sleeves go for polos, and tropical shirts. Amazon is a great resource, just know what your size is before you order. Lastly, no one ever thinks of it, but dashikis are a great short sleeve option.

Being skinny and white won’t affect your ability to wear any of these things (including the dashiki, I bet all the girls at your school would tell you they like it) so long as you get the appropriate size.

Also, you’d be surprised how big you can get by knocking out out 4 sets of push ups on Monday and 4 sets of pulls ups on Wednesday, throw in some abs and I think you’ll be more than ready by September.

Good luck, and may the force be with you.