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8th Feb 2018

Let’s start off with gear – don’t know what your budget is for improvements, but I’ll start with some suggestions.

Must Haves

  • Do you have a bench? Because if you don’t you should get one. This Reebok one or this Fitness Gear one from dick’s. Depending on what the sales are, you can get the Dick’s one as low as $130. You could always check out Titan Fitness as well, their equipment is pretty well-reviewed, but people do complain about some QC issues ans wobbliness but that might be user error putting them together.
  • Resistance Bands. I assume you can’t do pull-ups based on how you describe yourself, so a set of resistance bands to help you initially, plus there are plenty of other things you can do with them.

Nice to have, in order I would buy them

  • Dip Bars. If your rack is 2″x2″ you should be able to use the Titan T-2 dip bars. Alternatively, you can generally find a dip station somewhere in the $50 range as well
  • Power Blocks. If you keep your eye out for a deal, you can get the basic 50lb set for $230ish, and they’re expandable in the future as you get stronger.
  • Landmine. There are a variety of exercises you can pull off with one, but none of them are entirely necessary.

GSLP is a great beginner routine that doesn’t require that much equipment. You can use kettle-bells for curls and triceps initially if you find a barbell to be too unwieldy. Ultimately, you have most of everything you need. I’m planning on building my own home gym, and all I plan on owning are a rack with dip and pull-up multi-grip attachments, adjustable bench, barbell, and adjustable dumbbells – I can accomplish everything I need to do with just that.