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Redragon K592-PRO Mechanical Gaming RGB Wired Keyboard with Ultra-Fast V-Optical Blue Switches, Tactile & Highly Precision, 104 Keys Standard for Windows PC Gamers?

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7th Nov 2020

Most standard optical switches will fit. I’ve only seen Gaterons, Kailhs, and these Outemus. The only ones I’ve seen that won’t are the LK or Razer/Bloody, but I’d like to know if there are more.

You can find Kailh opticals on Aliexpress:


I’ve had my eye on them for a while, and I may pull the trigger on the Redragon K-592 for a full size hotswap optical board. Someone somewhere said that this Kailh blue optical is equal to the mechanical white variety. At first glance, it looks like an mx style switch with click bar. So, in theory, you could have a smooooth optical click-bar switch with the ability to swap in any mx spring. Box springs aren’t nearly as plentiful as mx springs, so I’m really interested to have a click-bar switch with such versatility.

Outemu’s v-optical is just as interesting as Kailh’s click-bar. I don’t know why, but the only place I can find an illustration of this switch is on Redragon’s Amazon listing for the k-592:


The video breaks down the switch, where you can see the click device is unlike any other: It resembles a space invaders clamp leaf, but it’s just a little sliver that jumps and clicks as the switch actuates. I’m really interested to see how this feels, and the click thingy can be removed to make it linear, if nothing else.

I have to say that Outemu (makers of these and all of Redragon’s switches) makes a nice budget switch these days. They’re more stable that Gaterons, although not as smooth. Still, they’re worth lubing and holding on to these days, that wasn’t always the case.