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Redragon K587-PRO 87 Keys Compact RGB TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Type-C Keyboard with 9 Onboard Macro Keys, Detachable Wrist Rest, Optical Blue Switches?

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Hi! I got a Redragon Magic-Wand keyboard with optical blue switches. I like it, but I don’t like the clicky and loud Blue switches, so I would love to get full set of Red or Brown replacements. This is where the problems begin.

Now, as far as I know, this keyboard uses Outemu switches. (I don’t recall where I found this information, but I remember reading this somewhere.) But when I try to look up “Outemu Red” on the internet, in sites like Aliexpress, the switches I find are visually different from mine in more ways than the color.

Here’s a picture of one of my switches, straight off the keyboard. Here’s another, just for clarity.

If I look up “Outemu Red” switches online, all I see are products like this one. If you look at the product pictures you can see the connectors are completely different: mine has two almost flush points of contact, while these Outemus I’m seeing for sale have two long-ish pins. I’m almost sure these won’t even connect to my keyboard.

So what I’m asking is just a simple question: looking at the picture of my switch, can anyone tell me exactly which model it is, since it doesn’t appear to be a default Outemum if it is an Outemu at all? Can anyone tell me what I should type into Aliexpress to find switches that are exactly the same as mine, just a different color?