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Redragon K551-R Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switches Vara 104 Keys Numpad Tactile USB Wired Computer Keyboard Steel Construction for Windows PC Games (Black Rainbow LED Backlit)?

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18th Sep 2018

Well, many of Red Dragon’s mechs are fully mechanical(Outemu Switches) most of them are around $40-$60. They are much better built than literally every Corsair mech.

Wrist rests can be bought separate, I suppose that is a bonus for corsair. Their wrist rests are actually quite nice, other than the flimsy pieces to attach it. Media keys, ok I see people using mute and volume, but those can be programmed fairly easily, the wheel on some is nice though. Many of the Red Dragon’s come in rgb. I personally don’t see full-size as a plus, but that’s personal preference.

P.S. The term is mem-chanical

BTW I live in canada(Keyboard prices are weird) so the k55 is $80 canadian and the Red Dragon mech I was comparing it to is $55(RGB) and $40 just red backlit. It is also tenkeyless(numpadless) though.

Found one for $70 CAD, same specs as the k55, but mechanical and double the macro keys.

The keysboard are the k552 $40-$55(CAD)and the k555 $70(CAD).

No Media keys or Macros, but here

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5th Dec 2019


just get that i guess. If you like mechanical keyboards. Noisy, but most typists like them.

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31st Jan 2017