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20th Feb 2022


This book is a little dry but goes into a lot of detail explaining movement pattern dysfunctions in layman’s terms, and is designed to help lifters assess their own functions using tests similar to the one you mentioned.

It also offers specific solutions for correcting them.

Requires consistency and self motivation, but from personal experience following the recommended exercises for strengthening can really make a difference with imbalances.

Good luck to you.

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30th Dec 2021

I would lose the belt. With almost all lifts you need a strong core and a belt gives you a false sense of that. I would concentrate on proper core engagement throughout all your lifts. I had low back injury that took me over a year to recover. It might have been the best thing that happened to me. I dropped the weight and went back to the basics and now I am lifting heavier than ever. I would recommend Rebuilding Milo

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23rd Feb 2021

Core stiffness is what you’re looking for. Dr. Aaron Horschig puts out a ton of info across a multitude of platforms.

Podcast: squat university episode 103

Youtube: McGill Big 3


Book (Amazon link): Rebuilding Milo

You can follow him on most social media platforms as well. Just search “squat university”

Good luck homie!