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Realspace® Modern Comfort Verismo Bonded Leather High-Back Executive Chair, Black/Chrome?

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31st Oct 2021

Hello everyone. Please help me find a chair. I’ve looked at Aerons, Leaps, etc. I can’t decide and I haven’t sat anything. I’d rather buy new as buying used kind of disgusts me but I’m willing to buy a used chair if it’s a good deal and is very slightly used.

Height: 6’0
Weight: 250 solid ass pounds
Desk height: 29.13 Inches
Budget: $500-600

I’m a muscular guy not too fat, I have a big fat muscular ass from squatting. I plop down a lot and wear chairs out. Previous chairs I’ve owned are the Staples Hyken which wore out after 2.5~ years and a couple shitty $100 chairs off Amazon that wore out after a year or two. I’m currently using this: https://www.amazon.com/Realspace-Verismo-Bonded-Leather-High-Back/dp/B01K2G7Z0E

The Verismo is okay for me, but it’s breaking apart on me, the bottom screws have completely broken and it squeaks like crazy which pisses me off when my baby is sleeping. I paid $150 a year ago and for this to only last a year is ridiculous.

I don’t really have any preference for mesh or bonded leather or whatever. I lean back in my chairs pretty frequently, but I also like to sit up if I’m focusing on something like home work or photoshop. 80-90% of the time though I lean back in my chair. I lean more towards mesh for the cooling factor but I think my ass prefers a thick padded seat to be honest, the mesh bottoms just don’t work for my weight.

Thank you!