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Realforce 87U Tenkeyless (White/Gray)?

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5th Feb 2016

I would say try the Realforce 87u, I use a HHKB at work which has the same switches (Topre) though the HHKB has a plastic back while the Realforce has a steel one, and I haven’t heard any complaints. The realforce also comes in black and white and there’s also a silent model I believe, plus it can be o ring modded



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20th Feb 2018

Anyone knows if there is different color versions of Topre SE08T0 and Topre SE08T0 ?

I’m located in EU and thinking of buying one of these from Keyboardco.com but it seems their colors look kind of different. Their versions look much more beigeish than other website I have seen selling them.

For example:

Compared to:

Amazon JP

Which look different in the pics. Is it just bad lightning or is there actually different color variations? Anyone bought their Topre from keyboard co? Thanks.