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Razer RZ03-00811700-R3M1 BlackWidow Tournament Edition Stealth – Essential Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Compact Layout – Tactile & Silent Orange Switches?

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21st Jun 2016

I just picked up a Razor compact stealth from Amazon as my first keyboard. I really like typing on it, but I work on a Mac most of the time and I’m finding that its too compact for me to comfortably press the Command key (that I bind to alt).

I’ve looked at a ton of models and they all appear to be relatively cramped. Also, the stealth keyboard is raised pretty high for me and it doesn’t come with any kind of wrist support, so my wrists end up being angled upwards for a long time.

Does anyone have any recommendations for keyboards that are more spacious? If you’ve used a Mac, think about how often you nudge your thumb left from the space bar to the command key.

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3rd Jan 2017

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Stealth Keyboard – Quiet Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with a Compact Layout https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IZXXF92/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_ZIVAybKHCM3SC

I love this little guy.

However you might want someone with a number pad.

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27th Apr 2015

I bought this board about 2 months ago. It works great for me but I know that other people have had issues. I bought it for 60 back then but it is still in your price range.

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24th Nov 2017

Razer calls brown switches orange.


The only other option (that was of decent quality) I saw was this – which is out of stock

This one also wasn’t available when I purchased mine – It wasn’t made available according to the user questions until past June 28th, despite that it says it was available June 1st


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27th Nov 2016

1. Buy a better chair. Buying the expensive chairs is a bit of a roll of the dice, but my friend who’s overweight started using the “Knoll GENERATION Chair” and he said it’s the only chair that doesn’t leave him with back pain at the end of the day. I’ve sat in it, only chair I’ve sat in that feels like the arm rests and back actually do something.

2. Adjustable height (standing) desk that goes up and down and you can either stand or sit at.

3. Hunching over a laptop is going to continue to be a problem. Buy an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Here’s a generic picture of how it ends up looking:

For a monitor, one that’s 24″ or 27″. The bigger the monitor, the more you can sit back from it.

For a keyboard, buy a compact or “tenkeyless” model that’s not to wide. Here’ the model I use:

For a mouse I use a Logitech gaming mouse. They seem to have done a lot more ergonomic research with gaming mice than they have “business” mice.

4. Doing exercises is the thing to do after that. Exercises won’t overcome cramped posture over a laptop all day though.

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18th Nov 2016
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29th Nov 2015

Where exactly are you located outside? If you are close to China you could see if you can do a Taobao deal or try banggood. They may be Chinese clones but they are mechanical and should have NKRO or 6KRO.
This was requested by the community and though it isn’t RGB like I hoped it serves the purpose you are wanting. Fairly cheap, though it is a TKL board, and comes with blue switches. The Razer Blackwidow Tournament Stealth is also a good choice although some people may complain that it’s a ‘Razer’.