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Razer Pro Type: Wireless Mechanical Productivity Keyboard – Razer Orange Mechanical Switches – Fully Programmable Keys – Bluetooth and Wireless Connectivity – Durable for Up to 80 Million Keystrokes?

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19th Dec 2021

It’s not really white other than the keycaps, but what about the Razer Pro Type? Connects to multiple devices and once round and keycaps are added, it would essentially be white.

As for lower profile base, this has a flat base with hovering caps.

Oh and it’s a fair bit more expensive than the Velocifire you were looking at.

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19th Dec 2021
Razer Pro Type: Wireless Mechanical Productivity…$139.99$139.994.1/5.0


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12th Aug 2021

Haven’t touched a Pixelbook; so I’ll skip that question. The keyboard is not similar to a MacBook in that we don’t have a sweet little mini dashboard where I usually see function keys. Another difference: whereas Mac keyboard commands require two or three hands or another human in tandem (or are just plain missing — this is shit actually), this keyboard still supports all standard key combos, and with one hand, as it should be.

[If I have to reposition TWO hands to run a quick action, somebody close by, is going to pay]

If you are referring to a depth or clicky feel, I couldn’t answer that, because I did not pay attention to those aspects of the Macs I’ve worked on. This keyboard does feel fine; it doesn’t excite me and it doesn’t tick me off. It is shallow as people point out, but I’m not aware of it unless it’s pointed out.

Extra crap you should ignore:

I’ve become accustomed to the wondrous keyboard (linked below), and yet. I can return to the Galaxy Book Pro keys without getting frustrated:



If your hands are meaty & fat (let’s call them ‘buff’), the Galaxy Book keys might feel cramped. I have no idea, since I have oompa loompa hands.

*If you LOOOOOVE MacBooks, forgive my disparaging comments (or don’t). I get that the display is amazing and the touchpad is very well-designed. I had to code on one for a year…I learn new systems very fast, and I setup new combos where lacking (if it is POSSIBLE). That machine slowed my work down so much. Of course this is irrelevant to a primarily mouse-driven user.