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Razer PBT Keycap + Coiled Cable Upgrade Set: Durable Doubleshot PBT – Universal Compatibility – Keycap Removal Tool & Stabilizers – Tactically Coiled & Designed – Braided Fiber Cable – Classic Black?

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4th Sep 2021

Thank you u/MossBeanIce. Can you provide us some links to these keycaps mentioned? I’m a noob to this as well. Thank you so much.


So far, my terrible googling got me this far:


dsa xda?
new razer pbt keycaps (w/ coil)https://www.amazon.ca/Razer-Doubleshot-Upgrade-Mechanical-Keyboards/dp/B095ZXL8D4?th=1
keychron retro style pbt sethttps://www.keychron.com/products/keychron-xda-profile-pbt-retro-keycap-set -> only for k2 and k6 tho