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Razer Opus Active Noise Cancelling ANC Wireless Headphones: THX Audio Tuning – 25 Hr Battery – Bluetooth & 3.5mm Jack Compatible – Auto Play/Auto Pause – Carrying Case Included – Classic Black?

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21st May 2021

Glad I talked to u/keanexs about headphones cuz something screwy just happened with amazon.

So I bought these yesterday. Yesterday, they were $200. I knew the original Opus were bluetooth 4.2, but they had just come out with new one’s that were 5.0, so I just figured these were them since they are $200 on their website. However, as you can see today, huge price drop.

Also, there is a link there to the “new model” which are these which you can see actually say Bluetooth 5.0. They’re also on sale for $160. But if you change to the midnight blue variation, it goes back to bluetooth 4.2, but $170.

needless to say, I cancelled my old order and reordered the new ones. I don’t like that something I bought had a price drop of $70 the next day.

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17th Jun 2021

The biggest thing you want is imaging, which is the headphones’ ability to place sound objects exactly where the sound designer intended. Rtings is really good about testing that specific stat, which is useful.

At your price point and requirements, I think my rec would be the Razer Opus, which is technically a wireless headset. According to Rtings it has INSANE imaging performance, and it gives you sound quality close to a $300 Bose. It’s designed to be used wirelessly via bluetooth (which has too much lag to be useful for gaming), but it comes with a regular cable to connect to your PC. The bluetooth will just be a nice bonus for you, so you can connect it to your phone if you ever need.

Otherwise if you just want to save some cash, the HyperX Cloud II has always been an insane value for the price. It comes with a mic, but you can easily detach it if you don’t need it.