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29th Apr 2016


this one has blue switches i believe. i got it before they went with the greens or what ever. i only ditched this kb because i wanted an all red theme.

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16th Jan 2014

Posting this to dissuade people from bugging Amazon CS for expensive Razer devices…

Spent an hour talking to CS for a BlackWidow Ultimate, it didn’t go well…

> Initial Question: Looking for a price match on a product.
> 02:35 AM(GMT) Ezhilarasan(CSA): Hello Sicrux, my name is Ezhilarasan. I’ll be glad to assist you today.

> 02:35 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Hi there
> I was looking to have an item price matched.

> 02:36 AM(GMT) Sicrux: The item is the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard

> 02:37 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Hello?

> 02:37 AM(GMT) Ezhilarasan(CSA): Yes.
> I’m checking.

> 02:38 AM(GMT) Ezhilarasan(CSA): May I have the order number, please?
> 02:39 AM(GMT) Sicrux: I do not have a current order number for the item, unfortunately.
> 02:40 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Hello…?

> 02:40 AM(GMT) Ezhilarasan(CSA): I’m sorry.
> With the exception of TVs and cell phones with service, Amazon doesn’t offer a price match guarantee. We do consistently work toward maintaining competitive prices on everything we carry.
> Because the marketplace is constantly changing and we strive to offer the lowest price, you’ll see some fluctuations in our prices over time.

> 02:41 AM(GMT) Ezhilarasan(CSA): However, you can let us know about a lower price by clicking the “tell us about a lower price” link in the Product Details section of any product page.

> 02:41 AM(GMT) Sicrux: I was told that Amazon was honoring this match-up however…
> http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/comments/1v9a63/all_razer_gaming_peripherals_50_off_all_razer/ceq14ps

> 02:42 AM(GMT) Sicrux: The manufacturer is having a 50% sale going on today…
> and I would rather spend my money at Amazon than there.
> https://offers.visit.io/promo/t/c_1de28139d0ad19c5bf8b7ce30d2b697e29c92edc?1389803221#

> 02:43 AM(GMT) Ezhilarasan(CSA): Please provide me the link of the item.

> 02:43 AM(GMT) Sicrux: http://www.amazon.com/Razer-BlackWidow-Ultimate-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B008U5ZNIG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389839737&sr=8-1&keywords=blackwidow+stealth+ultimate

> 02:43 AM(GMT) Ezhilarasan(CSA): Thanks.
> 02:45 AM(GMT) Ezhilarasan(CSA): In this case, Let me connect you to a member of our Generalist team. It will only take a moment.

> 02:45 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Okay
> 02:46 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Hello

> 02:47 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): Hello Sicrux. Good Evening. My name is Johanna C. Nice meeting you. I’ll be happy to be of service to you today.

> 02:47 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Nice to meet you!

> 02:47 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): The pleasure is mine.

> 02:48 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Did the other representative happen to fill you in?

> 02:48 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): Yes.
> 02:49 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): You are looking for a price match for the item Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard, right?

> 02:49 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Yes Ma’am

> 02:50 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): Did you saw the same product from other website with a lesser amount?

> 02:50 AM(GMT) Sicrux: It’s currently on sale at 50%
> But yes.
> They’re running a Best of CES Sale
> https://offers.visit.io/promo/t/c_1de28139d0ad19c5bf8b7ce30d2b697e29c92edc?1389803221#

> 02:51 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): Let me check.

> 02:51 AM(GMT) Sicrux: and I was hoping that you all might be able to price match… Would definitely make me a lot happier than ordering from them…

> 02:51 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): Let me check it first. One moment please.
> 02:52 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): You can check out these choices: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Razer%20BlackWidow%20Ultimate%20Mechanical%20PC%20Gaming%20Keyboard\

> 02:53 AM(GMT) Sicrux: It’s the top most one.
> 02:56 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Hello?

> 02:56 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): I am still here.
> I looking for an option on this. I will try but I will not make any promises.

> 02:57 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Can I offer a suggestion?

> 02:58 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): Yes.

> 02:58 AM(GMT) Sicrux: I could order the product, and get the price changed or partly refunded? would anything like that work?

> 03:00 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): That should work if the discount or there is a promotion on going for that certain item.

> 03:00 AM(GMT) Sicrux: There is.

> 03:00 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): We consistently offer competitive prices on everything we carry; however, the prices on our website are subject to change. While the Amazon.com website has accurate pricing information, we don’t honor prices or savings posted without our permission on other websites.

> 03:01 AM(GMT) Sicrux: This is an official statement from Razer… https://offers.visit.io/promo/t/c_1de28139d0ad19c5bf8b7ce30d2b697e29c92edc?1389803221# stating that they’re doing a 50% off sale for all peripherals and 10% razer systems
> This keyboard in question is one of the stated peripherals.

> 03:03 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): I understand but the promotion is from other website not from Amazon.com.

> 03:04 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Is there any way we can possibly make this work? I really would love to give Amazon my money in exchange for the product.

> 03:07 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): I’m afraid there isn’t any way because the prices we had is fixed and we cannot just grant any price match especially if it is from another web site.

> 03:07 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Even though it’s the Manufacturer’s site?

> 03:09 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): Right. Because they have their own promotion and pricing on their product.

> 03:09 AM(GMT) Sicrux: and no stock.

> 03:10 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): There’s stock of it.

> 03:10 AM(GMT) Sicrux: http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-blackwidow-ultimate
> 03:11 AM(GMT) Sicrux: There’s no stock for 3-4 weeks (according to the site)
> as far as I’ve been aware, they’ve had no stock for the majority of their sale…
> if not the entirety of it.

> 03:11 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): That is for their website, we don’t have any information about it.

> 03:13 AM(GMT) Sicrux: information such as what?

> 03:15 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): If they have stock from them or not. Because from Amazon, we have stocks from our fulfillment center because we bought many stocks in advance for future orders.

> 03:17 AM(GMT) Sicrux: And even though you have stock, and are aware of this sale they’re doing… with no visible announcement of availability in the near future, Amazon cannot match the price of a competitor? The Seller would be Amazon directly, there are no third-parties involved.
> I apologize for being so picky about this.

> 03:20 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): I do understand your side Russell. The item from our website is from Amazon.com only however the promotion on going is from another website. We can only grant price match if there is an ongoing promotion from Amazon.com

> 03:22 AM(GMT) Sicrux: And Amazon doesn’t desire to match with it’s own promotion? Just looking toward Amazon’s benefit at making some money…

> 03:23 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): We don’t have any promotion for Razer Keyboard for the moment.

> 03:24 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Why have other peripherals been matched?
> same sale and such, I can provide an order number.

> 03:25 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): i understand that you can provide an order number for same sale however that was before or an old sale from
> 03:26 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): Amazon, it is not a recent sale from Amazon

> 03:26 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Order Number: 002-7250141-6415454
> That’s an older purchase?

> 03:30 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): That is a another kind of promotion. 50% is to big compare to the price that this keyboard have now. Again, I am very sorry if I cannot match the price because it does not have any approval from the upper department or from Marketing.

> 03:32 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Quite understandable.
> I appreciate you time, and I’m sorry if I’ve caused any stress.

> 03:34 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): thank you for understanding. No, you did not cause any stress.
> Is there anything else that I can help you aside from this?

> 03:35 AM(GMT) Sicrux: I believe that is it… I do have one minor question though, do you happen to know if Amazon will be having any sales on Razer peripherals in the near future?

> 03:35 AM(GMT) Johanna(CSA): Not any time soon.

> 03:36 AM(GMT) Sicrux: Alrighty, again, thank you very much for your time. Have a great night/day.

TL;DR – Spent an hour talking to CS, didn’t get the discount and learned that Amazon won’t take steep discounts such as this one.

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28th Dec 2013

The BlackWidow tournament edition is $120 on amazon, and the deathstalker is $200

Honestly, I don’t even really hate razer keyboards that much, and I wasn’t really referring to the black widow series to, I payed somewhere around 90 for mine. it served me well for a while, before the macro keys and caps lock keys started to die out. razer said based off my location they wouldn’t do anything about it, and it sorta left me $90 in the pit.

In terms of the appearance thing though looks is absolutely something to be considered at least for me when I purchase a keyboard,

But in general the keyboards are overpriced, black widow being an exception but the deathstalker, the Anansi

I would much rather prefer a matte finish to a glossy one, always glossy surfaces are fingerprint magnets and it’s something I genuinely don’t enjoy. I’ll admit it’s a personal preference, but a matte finish can give a product a more premium, as opposed to a cheaper, glossy, plastic.

I’m not going to attack owners of razer products, but after my experience with the awful customer service they have, and (with a few exceptions) questionable pricing on products.

I’ll also admit to saying “much better” was am mistake on my part, but the QFR, Das model S, corsair K70, and the poker ii can be alternatives for approximately the same amount. It all comes down to preference I suppose.

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4th Jun 2013

> “Razer’s BlackWidow and BlackWidow Ultimate are produced by iOne who also produces the XArmor line of mechanical keyboards.” http://www.pcper.com/reviews/General-Tech/Razer-BlackWidow-Ultimate-Mechanical-Keyboard-Review-Mechanically-superior-Just

I know this to be true. When I said “Prove it” I was referring to the questionable build quality of iOne. I have never heard this, though it very well may be true.

> http://www.amazon.com/Razer-BlackWidow-Ultimate-Mechanical-Keyboard/product-reviews/B003ZJ5B4I/ref=cm_cr_pr_hist_1?ie=UTF8&filterBy=addOneStar&showViewpoints=0

A few things:

  • I can just as easily link the 5-star reviews to give someone the exact opposite impression. A more important point is average review score. The BWU has a 4/5 over hundreds of reviews.

  • I should clarify I am talking about the BWU 2013 Elite, their latest. The average review score is 4/5 with over a hundred reviews.

I do apologize for the miscommunication, but the BWU 2013 has a few differences. The finish is completely matte, and the LED’s are now green instead of blue. I cannot say for the build quality differences between these two, but I can say that this keyboard weighs a hefty amount (~5 pounds) and is definitely the most solid keyboard I have ever picked up. I have never personally used a Filco.

As for why that Filco is less expensive, one of the main reasons I see that would constitute a price variance is the Filco you linked is a TKL board. Another would be that the “New Prices” for the BWU you linked are not from Amazon, as they no longer stock it. The BWU 2013 is cheaper than the Filco you linked by $10 – and it even has more keys.

I guess there might not be that many people who have experienced the BWU 2013 yet, but it’s been a fantastic keyboard to me. Thoughts?