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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, Clicky Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Fully Programmable – Cherry MX Blue Switches?

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22nd Oct 2016

I choosing between:

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate <strong>with Cherry MX Blue Switches</strong> version 2016


CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i with Cherry MX Blue Switches

  • 1. What are some pros and cons and comparison between them in some important criteria?

  • 2. Is Razer with MX Blue switches can be considered as good as CM Storm QuickFire with MX Blue?

  • 3. Finally, which one would you

Before, Razer is considered not better than CM Quickfire because of the switches, but now it has Cherry MX Blue too. So, could it now be considered as good as the CM Quickfire?

Edit: I am currently more inclined toward the Razer because I like its light more. But I am just worried if there is any thing that I have overlooked.

Thank you guys much!

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1st Jul 2017

2016 https://www.amazon.ca/Razer-BlackWidow-Ultimate-2016-Mechanical/dp/B01CVOMWXU Model # is RZ03-01702700-W3M1 which is the same as on the BB site