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Razer BlackWidow Expert Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 10 Key Rollover?

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2nd Aug 2015

Hey, I used Ducky Shine Dragon Limited Edition blue switches when I was traveling and I loved it. And in a store in my country I tried Razer keyboard switches also. It was also good. But when it comes to buying a mechanical keyboard it is very hard to get one around here. And I can’t seem to find any cheap mechanical keyboards except Razer Blackwidow on Amazon. Are there any keyboards that is almost the same price as Razer Blackwidow and using Cherry MX blue switches? I would like to know. Thanks in advance.

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21st Jun 2015


I’ve got the tournament stealth edition, great nice looking keyboard.

If you want backlighting there is the chroma version which lets you chose whatever colour you want (at a price). Quite a number of different versions at different prices. Ones with and without numpad, with and without backlighting, only green backlighting, different switches (quieter/louder).

Heres a good comparison table: http://i.imgur.com/PGJdyer.png

As for mouse, this is what i use: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826816031&cm_re=corsair_m45-_-26-816-031-_-Product

Another good option is the razer deathadder.

Ive personally had only bad experiences with logitech, so i avoid them.

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26th Feb 2015

Do you know the difference in the “Ultimate” and “Ultimate Stealth” keyboards here

Also, after reading here about the difference in colors I think I might prefer the brown option.