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Rantopad MXX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 87 Keys,White Backlit, Cherry MX Switch, Black Aluminum Cover, N-Key Rollover (Brown Switches)?

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9th Mar 2017

I have the perfect candidate. Rantopad MXX. It ticked most of your boxes:

  • Brown switches
  • Floating key
  • TKL
  • Detachable cable

The trick is, obviously find a vendor with such that can ship to you in Poland. Maybe check Amazon Germany on shipping costs?

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20th Apr 2017

The Rantopad MXX should tick all those boxes, and come in at a very sweet price.

EDIT: Ah, it doesn’t have a calc button.

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18th Oct 2016

I’ve decided to buy a new mech on amazon.co.uk, since amazon.de doens’t really have what I want, which would be a tkl backlit mech that’s fairly cheap.

The Rantopad MXX looks cool. It looks like it has a standard layout, is completely backlit and has mx-browns. Thoughts on it?

Any other boards on amazon.co.uk in the same price range that I should consider?

Also, this might be a long shot, but is there something like the Miami keyset with backlit keycaps?

Thanks in advance!