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Rael Oil to Foam Cleanser – Non-Stripping Face Wash, Hydrating Olive Oil and Soothing Vitamin B5, Oil-Based Cleanser, Clean Ingredients for All Skin Types, Vegan Natural Skincare (5.07oz, 150ml)?

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1st Nov 2021

You can start by using your regular cleanser on dry skin, massage it a bit then use some water to make it milky or foamy depending on the kind you used. This method is what I use on lazy days.

There are also Oil to Foam cleansers that are 1 in 1 like Rael Oil to Foam Cleanser or Cocokind Oil to Milk Cleanser . I have never used these brands per say but I used The FaceShop brand (I think it’s discontinued now) and it was a treat to use.