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RadioShack Full-Size Headphones 33-277?

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7th Apr 2016

Budget – $100-$300, lower price tag is better. But if a price jump will accompany an a good jump in quality I’m willing to set aside the money for it.

Source – Digital Piano, laptop, phone (on the go)

Requirements for Isolation – I would prefer more isolation. When practicing piano, don’t care as much, but when listening to music on my laptop/phone w/headphones, it is generally to get rid of background noise (public transportation, busy work area, etc).

Will you be using these Headphones in Public?

Yes Preferred Type of Headphone – Full-sized (circumaural I believe these are called? I find ones that don’t cover the ear completely uncomfortable)

Preferred tonal balance – overall balanced pair of headphones

Past headphones – Dirt cheap earbuds. $30 pair from RadioShack a year ago was my first step-up. Enjoyed the improvement those gave enough that I want to see just what all better headphones can actually offer (and have the money to spend at the moment).

Preferred Music – A lot of classical and classical arrangements of more modern songs. Thoroughly enjoy piano (one of my favorites I recently came across), violin and cello. Some J-pop/electronic and rock/J-rock my brother has gotten me into. Jazz. Post-rock. Whatever you would call this sort of stuff. (my apologies if any of these are not the genre I think they are…I don’t really know genres to well.)

What would you like to improve on from your set-up – Umm, more detail I suppose? These are the fanciest headphones I’ve ever owned, so I’m not too sure myself other than “better in every way possible”.