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R-Go Split Ergonomic Keyboard, QWERTY (US), Black, Wired USB Keyboard (QWERTY (US) / Spilt, Wired/Windows, Linux)?

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3rd Apr 2022

Hey! Sorry to hear about your crash!

So, 2 issues to tackle here: keyboard and display. Here is what I would do:

For keyboard ditch the wireless idea. It is expensive and severely limits your options. If you are used to regular keyboards and do not intend to transition to anything else once you are recovered, get something like an R-Go tools. It has all your keys where you expect them. If you get something ortholinear or with less keys than usual/new layout you will have a learning curve that won’t pay off. If you do intend to create a custom layout and transition to ortholinear, get an ergodone. It is a clone of the ergodox EZ, also has plenty of keys, QMK firmware (so you can customize it) and you can make it wireless with nice!nanos (I believe).

For display: As opposed to hanging it over your head as some other comment suggested, I would put your screen behind your bed, facing you, and I would flip the image upside down. Then I would get a pair of these (basically glasses with mirrors that make you ‘look up’) to see the screen while you lay down (this is when flipping your display makes sense).

I hope you recover fully soon!

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16th Feb 2021

Part of a DM with OP, since it could potentially help others.

For me what works is alternating between ergo keyboards. The R in RSI stands for Repetitive, so breaking up the repetition by using different keyboards seems to help.

My current keyboards:

I’ve built an adjustable tenting kit for the keyboards that stay home.