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Queen Size – Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame – Clean, Unfinished, Chemical Free Pine – Made in USA?

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24th Jun 2011

Don’t buy a boxspring… it’s actually cheaper and more comfortable to buy a new platform bed instead to put your new mattress on. We did just that a several months ago, bought this bed from Amazon for $200. We both think it is much more comfortable than any boxspring we’ve ever slept on.

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1st Mar 2017

Sure thing. My desk is a solid pine IKEA kitchen table:


It’s light, and the legs, when off, fit inside the upside-down table top.

I got my bed frame on Amazon:


It breaks down into the four sides, the four legs, and two rolls of slats.

Unfortunately, my coffee table, 2 end tables, and sofa table are all of the same IKEA set, which they no longer produce. But they are the same basic design as the table desk – a single flat top, and the legs easily attach/detach via the same bolt design. They are solid wood and surprisingly heavy for their size, though, which I’m not fond of. When the legs are all off, though, the two end table tops and their legs, the coffee table legs, and the sofa table legs, all fit inside the upside-down coffee table top for easy transport.

While my dresser doesn’t break down at all, it’s very light when it is empty:


Hope this helps 🙂