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Quadruple Hyaluronic Acid Serum 5% – 1 oz from Naturium – Face Moisturizer, Non-Toxic Deep Hydration and Anti-Aging, Fragrance Free, Firm and Plump Skin?

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25th Jun 2020

Hey! I wrote the original post so I’ll clarify a few things.

Susan Yara said within her launch video that the Naturium line is vegan. She also writes the Naturium line is vegan in the video description for the brand launch. After researching the products and their ingredients, I discovered that her HA serum has honey in it. I didn’t understand this because she said the product was vegan before, so I thought maybe it was a different kind of honey or something, like dandelion honey. However, if you go to the product details tab for the HA serum, it has a footnote saying some products are vegan EXCEPT those that contain honey and/or beeswax.

I find it to be incredibly deceptive to have this hidden caveat only on the website instead of explicitly mentioned in the video. Not everyone is going to see the footnote, or even look for a written confirmation that her products are vegan since she said in her video (and in the video description) that the line is vegan.

Additionally, on the Amazon listing for the HA serum, the actual “vegan” status of the brand is not clarified. There is no mention anywhere of the brand being vegan* except for honey/beeswax.

Another reddit user pointed out that they were even deceptive about the origins of the honey they used, calling it “nectar of plants” on their website, indicating it’s a plant based ingredient when it’s not.

I mainly posted about this as a PSA to warn other vegans who might accidentally buy this product, not knowing it actually contains an animal byproduct. I don’t hate Susan or her brand, I’m just super disappointed. Susan Yara and The Golden Rx introduced me to double cleansing, and their advice changed my skin for the better. When I found out Susan launched a brand that she claimed to be vegan and cf, I was curious, because I’m vegan and I only try to buy cf products. However, when I found out that one of the products has honey in it, which directly contradicts the claim she made in her marketing video for the brand, I was deeply saddened and wanted to let others know.

I hope that clears things up.