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QSENN SEM-DT35 Gaming Keyboard in EN/KR version PS/2 (Black)?

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19th May 2017

sounds like just a rubber dome keyboard. I know that before mechanical keyboards became a trend around 2010, that a lot of Korean pro’s used the Qsenn DT35


That would be my guess with what he is using

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23rd Jul 2015

I only have one reason to not like LS: he uses a cheap membrane keyboard and when I asked about it he didn’t have a good reason for doing so.
The Qsenn DT-35 is super popular in Korea for SC2. The reason it is popular is because it is cheap and easily replaced. If you keep up your APM and destroy your crappy membrane keyboard you can have one just like it for $10.
There are clear advantages to having a mechanical keyboard for gaming. Not making that simple adjustment to have an advantage told me all I needed to know about LS.

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15th Jul 2015

For Keybindings i recommend whatever works best for you. I always have played with a WASD setup so thats what i tend to use. I recommend binding your consumables to the action bar. The built in “consumable Box” can change from login to login, and so if Health pot is always Ctrl+1 that is the best habit to get into.

As for when i played my Engi, and all my characters, Dodge roll has always been bound to mouse button one. So when i am moving its a simple press on my mouse. You will be using it a lot. And for the love of god, turn off double tap to dash. Get used to the keybind.

Random other tips.
(vent, mumble, TS bind) = Caps Lock. Change it about 4 years ago and its the best keybinding in the world.
Focus target I made ` and it works for me.
Rebind things to Q, R, F, X, and T. i can press 1-6 without any problems so other action buttons i rebound.
I use F1 for my “special action button” – Old habit from Starcraft

Random Keyboard stuff for you to consider…..

So for Wildstar I had 2 setups. One with my Razor BlackWidow Mechanical Keyboard. The biggest problem I ran into with this keyboard is when i would try to move, jump and DPS, Ghosting would come into play. https://www.microsoft.com/appliedsciences/antighostingexplained.mspx

Because of this I had to swap to my older keyboard , my good old QSENN SEM-DT35. Completely fix the Ghosting problems i was running into. http://www.amazon.com/QSENN-SEM-DT35-Gaming-Keyboard-version/dp/B00BF7SHMU

In Both setups I used my Logitech G500. Still the best mouse I have used for gaming. Changing DPI on the fly is the best thing in the world, and having 2 Mouse buttons is perfect for my setup.

My current setup looks like this http://imgur.com/tXnt226

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23rd Jun 2015

Zero people with common sense. It’s not like rubber domes didn’t exist back then, lol.

A lot of the Broodwar pros played with Q-senn DT35’s