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Qisan PBT Keycaps 108 Key Cherry Profile Keycap Set Dye-subbed for 61/87/104/108 MX Switches Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Grey Combo)?

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22nd Jul 2020

Case: Tofu Acrylic 60% Frosted
Switches: 60g Aliaz Silent Tactiles
PCB: CannonKeys Instant60
Keycaps: Qisan Cherry Profile PBT (Grey Combo)
/w Steel plate and GMK Screw-in Stabs.

Edit: Forgot to list switches…

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7th Jan 2020

Qisan PBT caps from Amazon.

Specifically these.

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18th Mar 2020

You haven’t specified what size you want, and what type of switches you want.

There’s gonna be a flash sale at GMMK tomorrow

All 3 sizes are of the same price. I’m hoping barebone kits will be ~$40-50 and full kits with switches and caps ~$80-90.

GMMK are hot swap keyboards. That means you can replace switches without soldering. You can mix and match different types of switch, or change them all whenever you want.

So you can get a barebones kit from GMMK, get switches from Novelkeys or somewhere, and pick up a set of good, cheap keycaps from amazon.

Sets like This or this. If you go with a compact or TKL you can get keysets that are cheaper.