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Q Acoustics BT3 Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker Pair (Gloss Black)?

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13th Feb 2019

For use with a TV, an AV receiver and passive bookshelf speakers are best.

If going with powered home audio bookshelf speakers, 5.25″ Q Acoustics BT3 $250. Or the larger 6.5″ Fluance Ai60 $300. Skip 4″ if not getting a subwoofer.

With separate components you can upgrade one part at a time or replace one part if it breaks.

AV Receiver:

  • Denon AVR-S540 $150 refurbished 5.2, one year factory warranty, with HDMI 2.0B and HDCP 2.2 for 4K video switching.

Speakers: Recommendations from AverageJoeAudiophile and r/HTBuyingGuide.


DIY: Add around $75 to $100 for tools and supplies. Kits includes pre-cut cabinets. Glue, solder, paint, assemble. Comparable to built speakers costing twice as much.

  • 5″ C-Notes $100, great starter DIY speaker.

Speaker wire: Pure copper oxygen free 16 Guage and self adjusting wire strippers or basic.

Speaker Stands: Audio Advisor and most are also available at Amazon or PartsExpress.com.

Home Audio Guides:

Intro to home stereo systemsZeos Tutorials, Diagrams and Videosr/Audiophile Getting StartedBeginner’s Guide to Home AudioAverageJoeAudiophile’s GuidesSpeaker Placement for Stereo Music Listening.

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19th Jun 2019

If going with powered speakers:


  • 5″ Ai40 $199.
  • 6.5″ Ai60 $299. Besides lower bass, it adds USB and optical input and subwoofer out.
  • Also available at Amazon.

4″ Q Acoustics BT3 $299.

4″ Peachtree Audio M24 $299.

5″ Peachtree Audio M25 $349.

5″ Audioengine A5+ $399.

5″ Kanto YU6 $399.

6.5″ <strong>Vanatoo Encore</strong> $529 B-stock.

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11th Feb 2019

Be patient and wait a few weeks. Or go with some 5.25″ or 6.5″ passive speakers and an amp.

It may depend on if you are adding a subwoofer or not. The T0s are great for desktop, however adding a subwoofer may bring the price close to the T1s if you are planning to not add a subwoofer to the T1s.

A lower cost step down from the T1s:

6.5″ Fluance Ai60 $300

5.25″ Q Acoustics BT3 $250

5.25″ Peachtree Audio M25 $350

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26th Feb 2019

For $700, with an AV receiver and passive speakers you can upgrade one part at a time or replace one part if one part breaks.

If you have to go with powered speakers instead of more features and flexibility with an AV receiver and passive speakers:

Save $100 with refurbished HD6 Wireless Speakers $600.

Alternatives to HD6: