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Purple Pink PBT Keycaps SENREAL 104 Thick Keycaps Cherry MX Key Caps DSA Profile Colorful Blank Keycaps Set for 61/87/104 Mx Switches Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

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3rd Dec 2019

Thank you! The part I sculpted is actually built on top of a full keycap. I bought the cheapest set of low-profile PBT mx cherry keycaps I could find on Amazon. I think at the time they were $17.99 for a 104-key set. If you do the same, definitely get PBT and not ABS as it has a higher melting point and won’t deform in the oven when you bake it.

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25th Mar 2019

Finally got some good photos of my new build.

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  • Quefrency 60%
  • Tealios V2
  • DSA Katakana
  • Hot swappable switches (with mill max) and swappable pro micros
  • Custom cables made by me with parts from Zap Cables (Thanks Zap Cables!)

DSA 2049 katakana set (for some mods)
PMK DSA Blanks (RCE purple)
Senreal Purple Pink set from amazon for the dark purple mods

Followed /u/upas build log here for the most part.

I used N1418 SOD 123 Surface mount diodes instead of through hole. I think they’re easier to solder and service, as well as cleaner looking.

I’m not sure what to do about ロ and 厶 because they sit on Escape and Backslash respectively. I bought the 2049 katakana set because it has them in purple but they’re a dull purple that I’m not too big on (I am waiting for the same color to come back in stock to get the modifier set from pmk). It also looks kind of out of place with the rest of the modifiers being blank. I could also get the legends printed on heat transfer dye sub paper and do the legends myself, but I don’t know if I want to go there yet.

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27th May 2020

Hey, based on your budget I assume you’re not really looking at cheapy sets, but thought I’d mention anyway–I have a pink/purple blank DSA set for sale, the same as this one on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JB8BTHV/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_BMRZEbKB0T9RC

I like them a lot, but had to admit to myself that sculpted profiles seem more comfy on my fingers. 😛