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PURITO From Green Cleansing Oil [old version]?

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22nd Feb 2021

Purito’s From Green Cleansing Oil (CDN$ 31.49 for 200ml) seems to include a similar combination of oils (sunflower, sweet almond, jojoba). But of course it’s a cleansing oil that’s meant to be washed off, you might be looking for a stay-on oil only?

If you want something affordable and popular there’s always Bio-Oil (this is a smaller one, there is another that is CDN$28.99 for 200ml) which is also a combo of many different types of oils. It usually gets recommended for stretch-marks and although it’s very doubtful it helps with that (?) it certainly works as a moisturising oil. Nivea Nourishing Body Oil is another solid budget alternative (CDN$ 28.13 for 200ml).