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Purina ONE Natural Dry Cat Food, Hairball Formula – 16 lb. Bag?

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1st Aug 2020

You’re in for a treat lol We have a Maine Coon mix, and the tumbleweeds of kitty fur are everywhere haha For us, the biggest thing is hairball control. It’s such a sad feeling watching or hearing your buddy make that wretching sound when bringing one up (and its definitely no fun stepping in it in the middle of the night or early morning…ew).

Some recommendations from an experienced long-hair momma:

A good food with a hairball control formula . Our boy has a sensitive tummy so we go grain free now, but this is one our vet routinely says is a good budget-friendly choice.

Hairball treats with omega oils Good for extra shedding seasons or to keep chubby babies happy during brushing.

Self-cleaning brush with non-metal bristles The metal slicker brushes can feel too scratchy on some kitty’s skin, so I like these. And the “self cleaning” button is very helpful so you’re not pulling out the clumps of fur by hand.

Self-grooming toys Helps get out the fur and adorable to watch. Plus good enrichment!

Waterless, no-rinse shampoo At some point, your kitty is absolutely going to get into something and you’re going to need to clean him up without a full-blown bath. This stuff plus a washcloth are the ticket. And a really good groomer who is patient and gentle is absolutely worth their weight in gold 🖤