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Purina Cat Chow Hairball, Healthy Weight, Indoor, Natural Dry Cat Food, Naturals Indoor – 13 lb. Bag?

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2nd Sep 2021

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15th Dec 2017

I’m not convinced, on Amazon a 13lb bag of cat food has about 14,000 Calories, a grown adult could easily go a week off that, elderly people can go a little longer. $12/bag gets you $1.71/day for food, and no kitchen required. SPAM is WAY more expensive (using Amazon numbers, I get $4.88/day), rice does beat cat food at $1.57/day, but rice is not suitable to eat without something else and requires cooking equipment.

Anyways, I hear stories about old ladies buying cat food and not kitty litter and I think she must be the crazy cat lady feeding the cats in the parking lot. What evidence do they have it’s any different?