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Pure Argan Oil – 100% Pure/Unrefined/Extra-Virgin/Vegan – Hand-Harvested & Cold Pressed in Morocco for Skin/Hair/Nails – GMP-Certified/Dermatologist Approved?

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29th May 2020

I’d say if what you are doing it working for you, then there is no need to over complicate things by doing more. When i started i got too disheartened when reading about other peoples routines and thought i wasn’t doing enough, and it lead to a lot of what are now pointless purchases and wasted time and frustration.

People use oils for different purchases, to use them to scrunch out the crunch in their hair, for moisturising hair (see the LOC method), for combating frizz or as a deep treatment.

If you want to start looking into using oils then argan oil is a pretty safe bet for most hair types. You should also be able to find it cheaper on amazon if you search for ”pure argan oil” like this one for £5.78 or this for £6.99. You wouldn’t need to buy a large 100ml bottle until you’re sure that it would work for you. I’d recommend not using a lot, i have fine hair but a lot of it and i find that using just 2 drops rubbed between my palms to be more than enough.

I also struggle with frizzy hair and nothing i was doing was helping it, even all the products that people rave about for frizz was just making my hair and frizz worse. Turns out my hair needs very little protein and a lot of moisture so i deep condition once a week with a low/no protein mask and it has helped my frizz a lot.