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PSB Alpha P3 Compact Bookshelf Speaker – Black Ash?

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15th Oct 2020

I’m pretty sure the PSB Alpha P3 fit what you’re looking for. If so, then those would definitely be my choice.

Edit: oh wait I didn’t realize this was you lol. Yeah we talked about this in a chat already.

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29th Dec 2020

> willing to look up to $200 if they’re really special

Oh boy, I’m going to do something here. PSB Alpha P3 are $220. But hold on. These are really special. These are the speakers that I recommend to friends when they’re looking for speakers. I’ve got friends with these and they love them. They’re really so good for the money. I think they’re significantly better than anything in the $150ish price range.

That all being said, Micca RB42 are $150 and your best option at that price. I would strongly consider the upgrade to the PSBs, but I understand if you don’t want to.

There are Wharfedale Diamond 220s for $200, but they’re at a weird price. I personally think they’re worth the $200 (I’ve got the Diamond 225s sitting in front of me right now, and those are $300), but I couldn’t buy the 220s for $200 knowing that the PSBs are only $20 more. The PSBs really are special.

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28th Dec 2020

If you’d be willing to spend up to $400, you could get some seriously good speakers.

If I were getting speakers for my desk right now, I’d get PSB Alpha P3 (just over $200) with a Topping MX3 amplifier.

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5th Nov 2019

Yeah it has been quite some time!

Some other speakers just for fun:

PSB Alpha P3

Wharfedale Diamond $220

Wavecrest HVL-1

Um excuse me? Apparently the Klipsch R-51M went up in price! Still $250 on Amazon though. And expect them to be cheaper for black friday.