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ProHT PS/2 Serial Standard Keyboard (70011), 104 Key Standard Windows Keyboard Works with Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/7, Black?

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24th Jan 2020

this is a common issue and you find your mouse and KB no longer worker at the ‘choose your language’ stage of the install.

W7 pre-install stage does not natively support USB 3.0 and higher. the reason why switching to USB port 2.0 made no difference, as far as im aware, the 2.0 USB ports are still internally connected to a USB 3.0 root hub on your mobo.

the EASIEST solution is: find a PS/2 keyboard and plugging it into the backport of your mobo. you can install just fine using just a KB, navigate by pressing TAB and enter or space to select etc…

here’s a PS/2 KB at Amazon for $11USD.


all the other solutions are a bit to convoluted. but if you’re game, just search under google

‘how to install windows 7 with usb keyboard’

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9th Dec 2018

A PS/2 style keyboard and mouse – like this but it also needs a PS/2 connector on your motherboard – which are getting rarer and rarer.