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ProHealth HealthPro EBB-1″Watch-Me-Grow Digital Baby Scale with Soothing Music, Backlit LCD, Length Tracker & Growth Chart?

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28th Feb 2015

Did you have your baby at a hospital? Most hospitals have LCs on staff and are covered with the cost of everything you’re insurance pays for. I would try that. You might also consider buying a baby scale from amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FQRXF22/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_AJq8ub02VKVZH) and weigh her before a feeding and then after a feeding. She should be eating about 2-3 ounces and that should reflect in her weight. A Lactation consultant will also weigh your baby before and after feeds. If she’s got enough wet diapers, I’m sure you’re doing fine.

Edit to add: it’s OK to supplement. It’s not going to hurt your breastfeeding relationship if you use a syringe or dropper. I had too supplement when we were in the hospital because of jaundice and dehydration and they made us use a bottle. We struggled with latch after that and had too use a nipple shield for 2 weeks, but now we’re 3 months in, going strong and no formula except for the first 5 days.

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11th Feb 2015

We ended up buying a baby scale because we were getting so frustrated. Baby kept acting like she wasn’t getting enough milk. So we got one and will weigh her before and after feeding from time to time. Turns out she’s getting plenty… She’s just a brat.

Here’s the one we got if you’re looking: