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22nd Jan 2021

Firstly, sorry to hear about your husband. I can only imagine the toll on you and your family.

From reading the comments it sounds like your husband also isn’t using the keyboard, just moving the mouse. If this is the case could the other hand hit a bigger button, something he could use his whole hand for?

If this is the case you could get a big button and program it to be the same as the right click action: https://www.amazon.com/Programmable-Keyboard-Conference-Button-Decision/dp/B0814C1Q43/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=giant+enter+button&qid=1611338189&sr=8-10

If not I would say try contacting blizzard but don’t worry too much if you don’t get a response. You will at least have documentation that you tried to reach out and most likely if blizzard does think this software is against TOS a ban won’t happen for multiple months. If playing the game gets y’all some fun memories just do it and don’t worry about the consequences.