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6th Dec 2019

It’s a small thing but tbh I’ve been amazed at how much it’s impacted my life…I thought I was getting enough liquid intake throughout the day, and as it turns out, I totally wasn’t! And I would often get like a mild headache that I couldn’t figure out…the effects of dehydration, haha!

I’m a super-big productivity nerd, and outside of having a strong personal productivity system, I’ve come to take my health a lot more seriously in recent years. I’ve found that there are 4 key elements involved:

  1. Sleep hygiene
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise
  4. Stress management

Sleep is really the key factor for me…if I don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep, I am a fairly useless human being the next day. Everything becomes a chore & I have to fight myself to do even simple things like the dishes! Also, going to bed early (very difficult! lol) & being consistent about my bedtime & number of hours of sleep really amp up my internal motivation & energy levels!

Diet is also pretty big for me…I switched to macros a few years back & it’s really wonderful to feel highly energetic all the time! I have a post on it here:

I don’t do anything too crazy with exercise…I have a simple daily routine of calisthenics (pushups, pullups, etc.) & cardio on weekdays, and then cardio-only on weekends. I’m a low-energy person by nature & do not like exercise whatsoever – it’s just work for me – but the effects are too good to pass up. I did find a way to make exercise a bit more fun by using a virtual reality headset in conjunction with an exercise bike: (you can also use the headset to watch Netflix, haha!)

To me, it’s all about setting up your environment for success & then setting up reminders of the next-action items required to get what you want, which is why the X-effect approach is so great, because it creates a visual feedback loop to help you do what you’re supposed to do! My implementations are kind of small, easy things that have yielded BIG results in my life:

  1. I carry a big water bottle of ice, with a straw, and have coasters everywhere, which remind me to put my drink on it, and then my drink is in front of my face all day, and the straw makes it easily accessible, so I actually drink a lot of water throughout the day effortlessly now
  2. I eat using IIFYM, which I support by doing meal-prep, which means packing my jumbo insulated lunchbox every day with meals. I have alarms that go off for all of my eating periods (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, etc.) & have delicious, macro-calculated meals & snacks ready to go for each alarm, so that no thinking or preparation is involved, just eating yummy food! I lost 50 pounds doing this & now have consistently high energy throughout the day because I’m not running out the door & skipping breakfast, or working through lunch & completely spacing that meal.
  3. I exercise first thing in the morning, right after I wake up. I have a simple routine that I follow for calisthenics for about 15 minutes, plus an additional 30 minutes on my exercise bike either playing a VR game, or biking around in Google Earth VR, or watching a show on Netflix on the headset. It was a bit expensive up-front ($235 for the bike, $100 for the VR-bike interface, $200 for the Oculus Go – now replaced by the Oculus Quest, plus an annual VR fee of $100/yr for access to all of the games & stuff, so about $535 total plus the annual “virtual gym” fee), but (1) you’d have to pay a fee to join a gym or buy your own equipment anyway, and (2) it has proved to be a solid investment for my health, as I ACTUALLY USE IT, lol. It’s kind of the same idea as the Peloton bike ($2k+ for the bike plus $39/mo “virtual gym” access), which has had massive success in actually getting people to exercise & keep their bodies healthy on a regular basis, except to me, it’s a bit more fun, not to mention a quarter the price, haha! Plus it’s a small investment compared to how expensive not exercising can become over time in terms of long-term healthcare costs…
  4. I use a personal productivity system to manage stress, which involves writing down all of my commitments, processing them into next-action steps, and putting reminders of them on lists & calendars, plus doing daily & weekly planning sessions. Everything is done via alarms & checklists, so I don’t have to think about it, I just have to do the task when reminded!

Small stuff, big results! That’s one of the things I like about the X-effect approach…making small changes, but tracking them so that you actually do them, compounds over time. On that topic, if you haven’t read “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, you should check it out! He has an audiobook version available:

It’s basically the same idea…how adopting little changes & doing them over time can lead to really great results. I like the X-effect in particular because it’s limited (50 days) instead of just “adopt this habit and do it foreeeeeever”, it’s visual (you actually print or write out a grid box or calendar & mark it with a Sharpie or whatever) which creates a feedback loop that encourages you to keep doing, and it forces you to define something specifically to actually DO so that you can take action on your vision! Even if it’s just for something as simple as “drink more water!”