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Professional Grade Electric Tea Kettle (HUGE 2.0L CAPICITY – 100% STAINLESS STEEL) – Instantly Boil Hot Water In Seconds – Cordless – Perfect For Brewing Teas, Coffee, Cold Brew, Espresso, and More!?

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22nd Jan 2018

1.7L is about 57 oz.

This one on Amazon is 2L (64oz), but it’s an unknown questionable brand.

Another good option is to get a huge one with a tap on the bottom (like this one or this one), and a timer of some kind for the electrical outlet (make sure it’s rated to handle the wattage). A restaurant or hotel supply store should carry them locally, as well.

Fill it the night before, set the timer, and turn the unit on. When the timer goes off (say, 15min before you will need it), the timer ticks on, the unit heats the water, and you have a tap with nearly boiling water for whatever purposes you need. When you’re done, unplug the unit/turn it off/set the timer to turn off a bit after that. If you didn’t want a timer, you could just turn it on the moment you get up, and then brush your teeth and get dressed or whatever, and you’re at least only waiting once.

Obviously, make sure you adhere to user manuals and product directions and take appropriate care. I personally would suggest buying from relatively known brands or good sources, as I am untrusting of Chinese knockoff products, especially if I am not actively monitoring them.