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Presonus Ceres C4.5BT 2-Way Powered Speakers with Bluetooth?

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9th Mar 2016
  1. What is your budget? $500 or less
  2. What are you looking for? A compact subwoofer to complement Presonus Ceres 4.5. Considering SVS SB-1000 or Velodyne Impact 10
  3. How will you typically be using the gear for? Music mostly, occasionally games & movies.
  4. What gear do you own? Presonus Ceres 4.5
  5. Are you willing to buy used? No

I’m wondering if it makes sense to pair Presonus Ceres 4.5 speakers with a good sub in $500 range. For eg- I really like SVS SB-1000 but does it make sense to pair it with cheap speakers playing music over bluetooth coming from Spotify? I do plan to replace my speakers in a year or so with something like Emotiva Airmotivs or AudioEngine A5s and I want my sub to still be relevant then