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PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 25th Anniversary Edition with Studio One Artist and Ableton Live Lite DAW Recording Software?

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3rd Nov 2021

>You’ll monitor out of the UMC22. Either the headphone jack or speakers you have connected.

I use my wireless bluetooth headphones with it’s one dac for basically everything, is this gonna be a conflict? I guess my only option is to plug my headset into the audio interface when i’m playing my synth?

2nd question:

Is this a decent audio interface? It would make it easier as i can connect 1x line in and 1x line out directly from the microkorg to the interface?

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14th Sep 2021

You are going to need an audio interface one way or another. Many of them come with bundled DAW, just check that it is a fully licenced version not just a trial.

For example… PreSonus bundle

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16th Mar 2022

Hey, I’ve had this exact problem, and worked for a long time to figure it out. Here’s my advice. It’s not your idea, and it’ll cost maybe $90, but I promise it works and is very simple.

You want an audio interface made for music production that has 2 inputs. The only issue with this setup is that those usually go for around $90-100 on the cheaper end.
Here’s a few cheap yet very reliable ones
( https://www.amazon.com/PreSonus-AudioBox-USB-25th-Anniversary/dp/B08D8R6VFC/ )
( https://www.amazon.com/Behringer-UMC202HD-BEHRINGER-U-PHORIA-2-Channel/dp/B00QHURUBE/ )

Then you need a 3.5 to dual 1/4 cable
( https://www.amazon.com/Hosa-CMP-153-Stereo-Breakout-Cable/dp/B000068O3C/ )

Just connect the 3.5 in the switch to the 2 1/4 jacks on the interface and you’re set.
No need for soldering or worrying about multiple DAC/ADCs or anything like that.
I know it’s not what you suggested, but I feel your pain, so I wanted to share how I made it work.

I can also answer any questions you have if you decide to go this route, if you need. Regardless of what you choose to do, good luck

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26th Dec 2021
PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 25th Anniversary Edition…$84.94$84.944.5/5.0


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22nd Sep 2021

Yo i’m a bit late here but, welcome to the music production community! I write, record and produce metal and some of the tips here are solid. Music theory is good knowledge to have but don’t feel overwhelmed to learn it absolutely first. From my experience, some tips I can give are:

  • #1 which for some reason has yet to be said, an Audio Interface. For the love of god, that piece of equipment is numero uno needed. I use the PreSonus USB 96. Mine came with a license of PreSonus’ DAW, Studio One, which I’ve used Cakewalk, Reaper, and Ableton and prefer Studio One. My brother is an EDM producer and uses the Scarlett 2i2. Imo, either of these are great for beginner producers. Anything other than 2 input 2 output is overkill unless you get super serious later down the road. Also, both of these have phantom power for condenser microphones.

  • Good enough computer to handle the DAW. Most computers should be fine tho.

  • Youtube is your friend. I can recommend the channels I watch/use for recording tips and such but there’s a lot so hit me up and I can point you in a direction depending on what your want is.

  • IMO, stay the hell away from paid courses until your feet are plenty wet. I’ve been doing this for a few years and I still haven’t found the need to buy one from any channel/website I visit.

  • As well as music theory, learn what effects do to an audio source. Compression (single and multi band) and EQ are used heavily in metal so knowing what they do and how they are used are good but you can also learn that intermixed with the YT videos.

That’s what comes to mind off the top but I’m sure there’s more up there. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I learned all I know pretty much by myself so I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with everything right out the gate. Just take it step by step and have fun!

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12th May 2021

Having an issue with static whenever I output from a DI to amp or an Amp to DI, using a AudioBox 96 USB and a Fender Rumble 40.

I want to record but can’t stand the delay from my computer speakers when plugging directly into the DI or the static when using the Amp as output from the DI. I get no static when listening only from the DI
Using a Balanced XLR to 1/4 cable to go between the two.

Hope this isn’t a mess to read, on mobile.

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9th Oct 2020

Is it the 80 or 250 ohm version? With the 80 ohm version you don’t need anything. Even if you are planning on producing or mixing you don’t need an audio interface to get started. The only people that really need an audio interface to get started with producing are those that are going to start off with recording instruments and/or vocals.

That being said, an audio interface should be pretty much your first purchase after a DAW and you can get some audio interfaces with a “lite” version of a DAW included, so then it might make sense to buy now and get the DAW too.

Read this to understand audio interfaces more: https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/audio-interface-buying-guide/

There are many good inexpensive interfaces out there. You might consider trying to figure out which DAW you are going to go with so you can get an interface bundled with the DAW of your choice.

Personally I’m a fan of Presonus Studio One so here is the beginner interface they sell that comes with Studio One Artist: https://www.amazon.com/PreSonus-AudioBox-25th-Anniversary-96K/dp/B08D8R6VFC/

I have the Studio 26c which has extra outputs for DJ use.

Focusrite is a good choice if you want Ableton instead.